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Official manual on how to program your new BFT mitto remotes to garage gate receiver

Program your new BFT mitto remotes to Gate / Garage Door Openers the same way as original MITTO remotes, please refer to your receiver’s user manual. For a typical BFT CLONIX1-2 standalone receiver, the programming procedure is as follows. Make sure to install the battery in the transmitter correctly.

1. If you wish the transmitter to activate output 1, press push button SW1, otherwise press push button SW2 to activate output 2.
2. If you wish to obtain functions other than monostable activation, refer to receiver manual table A – output activation.
3. When LED DL1 starts blinking, press lower two buttons ( on our SR-B1 compatible ) or upper two buttons ( on original BFT Mitto ) simultaneously on the transmitter, LED DL1 will remain continuously lit.
4. Press the key of the transmitter to be memorized, LED DL1 will flash quickly to indicate that it has been memorized successfully. Flashing as normal will then be resumed.
5. To memorize another transmitter, repeat steps 3 and 4.
6. To exit memorizing mode, wait for the LED to go off completely or press the key of a remote control that has just been memorized.
7. Press the transmitter button to test operation.

Note: To remove a single transmitter’s code from the receiver memory please refer to your receiver manual.

If you have other questions, please refer to your hardcopy manual along with your garage or gate opener.